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Rethinking Innovation Across the Board
Intelicloud’s Elastic Architecture revolutionizes the network ecosystem.

Intelicloud provides a superior value proposition for supporting the delivery of high volume, media-rich information services and for growing highly elastic business services delivered over the Internet and Intranets. Intelicloud products address the unresolved customer problems for service providers with demonstrable improvements in flexibility, scalability, simplified manageability and ROI.

Fundamentally New Approach
Overly complex arrays with large numbers of point solutions are not going to work anymore. So we’re solving the entire infrastructure problem.
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The Color of Money
Dramatically reducing footprint and power consumption is not just green, it’s smart. Combine social responsibility with increased profitability.
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360-Degree View
We continue to innovate and outpace competitors who offer only pieces of the total solution service providers need.
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